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Everyone is known about the basic dish that defines the different origin and taste but there is a lot beyond those basic dishes that you all must explore. Find the authentic signature dishes of the restaurant across East Pune with fresh feed every day. Let your hunger hunt beyond the basic and best dishes from worldwide with exclusive offers.

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Taste a signature dish with exciting offers.

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Feel the dish visually with pictures, description, main ingredients, taste & cuisine.

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Daily addition of new signature offerings from different leading restaurants.

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Not only you see the signature dishes, but you also get to avail exciting offers.

About Eatreey

Eatreey is a mobile application, a platform for foodies to pamper their tongue with different flavors from worldwide. Eatreey witnessed the food cravings and intends to provide you a variety of dishes just on your fingertips. You don't need a passport to taste the cuisines of different countries. From Mexican to American, African, Italian, Chinese, authentic flavors of India are available on your Eatreey feed along with the attractive offers that you will find only on Eatreey app.

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Platform to aggregate signature dishes from multiple restaurants.

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Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own